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So who are we? 

We are a community of wedding and event professionals established in 2017 that represent the Southern Oregon and Oregon Coast professional community. We are all business professionals and networkers! 

Why are we? 

The Collective was established on the premise of being able to uplift the standards in our industry by establishing a community dedicated to helping each other grow not only there business but also grow as a business owner. We encourage all our members to support one another in a healthy competitive environment vs a negative one. So what does that mean? Well here is the jist of it, if you're successful I am successful. If our standards align, via quality, professionalism, and price, then we are all winning and building our businesses together and setting the standard for our industry in the Rogue Valley. 

What about us? 

We have been established online since 2017 and have a growing viewership of nearly 20,000 visitors yearly. We actively advertise on google, facebook, and instagram to reach your target audience. We have a commercial building that is dedicated to creating space for photoshoots, classes, events, and clients consultations. We are dedicated to helping your business flourish and grow! Are current top market is 25-35 and resides in Southern Oregon, Eugene, and Portland! We are unique, we are the premier wedding and events platform in Southern Oregon and were the first of its kind! What also makes us different is that we sets caps on how many advertisers are allowed memberships per category. This helps us maintain quality control and really dedicated our services to just a select few while providing an environment that is not overwhelming to our customer base. 

We would love to chat more about your business if your interested in learning about becoming a member of our small community! We have memberships available for our online digital marketing via the website as well as full premium memberships that give you access to use our commercial building space and network with some of our other professionals! Our average annual digital marketing memberships are under $200 per year! Lets see how we can get you going! 

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