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Meet Lahna Marie

Lahna Marie the founder of The Wedding Collective as well as Photography by Lahna Marie has been in the valley since birth. Almost 40 years ago YIKES, I was born in the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon. With an affinity for the arts I grew up competing in art shows and submitting my art throughout the valley. As life often does I was called a different direction and ended up with a degree in criminal justice instead of the arts as was the original plan. My heart found its way back to the arts industry and I began a new chapter in my life from that point on. I started Photography by Lahna Marie almost 10 years ago and have been developing it ever since. As most photographers know it is a never ending journey of learning and experimenting.

Most recently, since I love anything weddings, I started a much needed resource here for southern Oregon. The Wedding Collective was dreamt up based on the need but also with the premise of creating a community of professionals that want to lift each other up and create a sense of community and professionalism. I want to be a place where people set a standard in business. Our mission is to value ourselves as much as we value our clients and work and grow from that!






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