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November 8, 2017


Putting together an elaborate styled shoot is a lot of time and effort. I always give myself at least 3 months to plan when possible. This also enables a respectful amount of time to partner with collaborators on their work and not requesting products or services right away. Not to mention can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase little decor pieces, ribbons, flowers, vow books, ring boxes, dummy cakes and so much more! 

This styled shoot was no exception, with one difference, we pulled it together in 3 short weeks with hard work, money, and amazing giving collaborators. 

I say we because fellow friend and photographer Sara Jean came to me with an idea for a styled shoot and it really shaped and molded into something pretty sweet. We finally decided upon adding a unique element to the shoot to just make it that much more special, and that element was my little bunny Rosey. 

I just got Rosey not to long ago and I have to say she is the sweetest little Himalayan girl. She was just a tiny bit of inspiration for the shoot along with a rich fall color palette and an english pnw garden in the back of our minds with hints of all three throughout. 

We were also joined by an amazing friend and fellow photog Lindsay Boling... she joined us for some BTS shots and visitation time with pals! 

If your looking to put together a styled shoot plan for at least three months, no less than $300 spending money, and collaborate!!!! 

We had a lot of fun but this is definitely not something we do all the time, but when we do totally worth it!!!! 

Vendor credits at the bottom


Dress can be found at

Hair and Makeup

Paper goods/calligraphy


Decor rentals

Flowers Designed by me, foraged and found and bought from

Double ring box 

Earrings Vera Wang

Shoes Micheal Kors

Ribbons locally sourced and hand died by me at

Ceramics from Notary Ceramics in Portland

Last but not least friend and creative collaborator on this shoot is Sara Jean!

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