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Bridal Boudoir Photographers in Southern Oregon

Your wedding day is one of the most amazing days of your entire life, but often the person bearing the brunt of the stress is you, the bride! As a bride, you have so many things to think about and remember, but it can be hard to sit back and soak in the special moments. Bridal boudoir photographs are the perfect way to document a time that is just for you, where you feel confident and beautiful. Not only is a boudoir session a fun luxury for any bride-to-be, they can also give you timeless portraits for your spouse. Here are the featured boudoir vendors for The Wedding Collective:



Specializing in elegant and classic boudoir photos that will be treasured for a lifetime. Lahna invites all brides to feel comfortable and beautiful with her natural, beautiful boudoir style.

Lahna Marie Photography



"Boudoir photography for rebels" sums up the more edgy stylings of Rebel Louise...they are perfect for the bride who wants unique, innovative, and modern boudoir images.

From the photographer-

"Some women start out thinking they are doing a boudoir shoot for their partners, but they soon come to the realization that they are doing this primarily for themselves. Maybe she has something to prove to herself. Maybe she hasn't felt accepted. Maybe she wants to celebrate her body as she sees herself. Maybe she wants to celebrate her sensuality. Maybe she has worked really hard to shape her body. There are so many reasons why women do boudoir shoots and they are all important. I shoot boudoir because I support women in finding empowerment through vulnerability, accepting themselves and and their imperfections as their own version of perfection, and treating themselves to an experience they wouldn't normally have. Boudoir is exciting, powerful and fun. It's really, really fun.What it all comes down to is the smile on my client's face as she views her images for the first time. THAT is the real reason why I shoot boudoir photography"

Rebel Louise Photography



Perfect for the bride that wants quality at an affordable price point. Beautiful, natural, and professional boudoir stylings.







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