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Tips for a gorgeous wedding film

There are lots of tips out there in the online world about what to do or not to do on your wedding day, but what about tips that directly relate to your wedding video? Well I am here to give you 5 simple things you can do to ensure you will love your wedding film!

1) Ditch the Gum. Spread the word among your wedding party and family- chewing gum on film is not an attractive look, even for the most beautiful brides and their attendants. Keep your mouth free from distractions so that we can capture your natural smiles, laughs, and tears throughout the day.

2) Keep it clean. Task a few of your attendants with keeping the bride and groom's preparation rooms free from clutter, to allow for a distraction-free setting.

3) Listen Up. If you would like to have music playing while you get ready, choose something tasteful and keep the volume low. Don't let the latest top 40 hit ruin the footage of mom helping you into your dress!

4) An Unplugged Ceremony. Consider requesting that your guests put their cameras and phones away during the ceremony. Oftentimes guests will raise their arms up or lean into the aisles to capture their shots, obscuring the view for your videographers and photographers.

5) Dance like you mean it. Some couples rush their first dance, cutting the song early. Take your time! This allows us to capture the dance from a variety of angles, as well as the expressions of your nearest and dearest as they look on. Soak up the moment- you only get one first dance. I hope these tips are helpful for all you brides and grooms planning your wedding day! Enjoy this film featuring a couple who followed all of these tips.



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