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Wedding cakes & bakers in Southern Oregon

Well ladies and gents, it is getting close to the heart of the busy wedding season. That means tying up a lot of details when it comes to planning your wedding! One of the most iconic and fun details to decide upon is your wedding cake wouldn't you agree? The wedding cake colors, design, flavors, artistic approach and size! Oh and do not forget, the tastings oh yum yum yum!!! That is one thing that both brides and grooms would have to agree is one of the funnest parts of planning your wedding! When planning my wedding one of the first things I thought of was taste and color. From there I thought how can I incorporate details that speak to us or what we love and our style. Next I had to decide what type of frosting I wanted, and how many people I was going to serve. One detail I had to really pay attention to as well was what was the weather going to be like on the date of my wedding? Was it going to be crazy hot (which is was, it ended up being the hottest day of the year that date on June 24th 2006) and we had decided to go with buttercream frosting and I was having panic attacks scared the frosting would melt. Fortunately we had no problems .... but that is a detail to consider =)

If you think your wedding day will be hot and you do not have a good storage plan for keeping your cake cool until it is time to cut the cake you may want to look into a fondant cake, just some food for thought. I hear a lot of couples tell me that they are not fond of the taste of fondant but I would encourage couple to request a fondant tasting when working with your wedding cake bakers. Another thing to expect when deciding upon your wedding cake and booking your tastings is that you can sometimes expect a fee, and this is pretty standard. Some will charge a tasting fee to cover their time and costs in preparing the baked goods for you. Wedding cake designers put love and car into providing the best tastings and creating custom flavors for you so to pay a small fee for this is not out of the ordinary.

Also when deciding upon your cake design and meeting with your cake designer make sure you communicate clear expectations and desires for the look of your cake, bring color samples and imagery of cakes you find you like and colors that match your wedding theme. This helps the wedding cake designer have a better idea of your style and expectations so your both on the same page for your wedding day!

So if your still in the market for getting your wedding cake in order, I encourage you to explore the talented cake designers that the wedding collective has for you. Click the link below to learn more about our talented bakers! Happy wedding planning!!!






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