Planning the best wedding!

September 1, 2018

What does the best wedding mean? It doesnt really mean the best in terms of decor, location, flowers etc! The best means, the best possible outcome you could have. So how do you plan your best possible outcome for your wedding day? I am here to give you a little insight into creating a seamless day! 


1. If your budget can allow it, hire a wedding planner. Having a wedding planner allows you the freedom to sit back and enjoy your wedding day they way you should be. Everyone may be coming to you all day long otherwise asking for help, decisions, and direction on things like where to set the ice, how many trash cans do you want, what time does the food arrive, where do they park, how do you get ahold of the DJ, what color is supposed to be on the tables for flowers, we are out of toilet paper, how do you tap a keg, uncle bob is missing, I stepped in dog poop, where are the plates and napkins, YOU CATCH MY DRIFT? Yeah it can be soooooo overwhelming and stressful on a bride if this is your wedding day. If your budget wont allow for a wedding planner consider at least hiring them for day of coordination, and if your budget wont allow for that either, then put someone in charge that knows your hearts desires in and out for your wedding day! This is so important and be sure to meet with them and discuss these things ahead of time, walk the venue with them and show them where you want things, how things should be set up, and give them a contact list of all your vendors.