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Time to celebrate!

I am excited to announce The Wedding Collective is opening! This is just a little boost to get the word out! We are in the final stages of our construction and remodeling. We are planning an opening of the last weekend of November.

It has been a LONG LONG road getting to this point but I am so happy to have made it here and cant wait to share this lovely space with you all. I am incredibly thankful for everyone who has supported and believed in what the collective is here to do for the industry in Southern Oregon and I cant wait to show you how we have grown, our new physical space for our members, and chat about all the future events and happenings that will take place!

I hope you all know that I am incredibly excited about the possibilities this space has for you to utilize and elevate your businesses. It still needs quite a bit of tender love and care to get to the point that I can say it is DONE because we are going to focus on making an outdoor space this spring as well!

SOOOOO sappiness done here. Start thinking about your branding, and marketing! I would love to have a portfolio for our vendors and wedding planners to be able to show your work to potential brides kept down at the collective! Dont worry though, for those unable to get something together in time, I will be providing a house tablet so folks can access the internet and send clients directly to your websites or social media so browse your work!!!! So no matter what, there will be access to your current work =)

It is a good idea though to start getting printed materials together for marketing and showing off your work or venue as we are still planning a boutique bridal event!!!!

Thanks so much for being beside me on this journey and more details emerging soon as I wrap up the tid bits of this building project!!!!








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