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Don't Forget the Details

Can you believe it is the end of March already? Neither can we, and before you know it your wedding will be here! Did you know the first most popular month to getting married is June? Following that are of course some other very popular summer months and early fall months for weddings as well. BUT June wedding month itself is only about 2 months away and if you have not locked in your final details like wedding signage, alcohol servers, and more, we are here to say take a look at who our collective members are and consider them as one of your wedding vendors and by hiring one of our vendors it is supporting a local small business that believes in the power of community over competition as well as uplifting and support the wedding and event industry here in the Rogue Valley. The Collective supports, encourages, and uplifts the local small businesses that are our collective members the same way they support us the collective as well as each other and what we all stand for. We are dedicated to serving our clients kindly and professionally, supporting our fellow industry members, and foster a community environment that sets a standard for the Southern Oregon industry. So if this interests, please take a moment to preview our wedding planners, florists, venues, and more!







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