Five Reasons to Hire Hair and Makeup Professionals for your Wedding or Event

Five Reasons to Hire Hair and Makeup Professionals for your Wedding or Event

Today, we have makeup artist Whitney from Whitney Audra Makeup Artistry, sharing about why a pro is the best way to go when you want flawless hair and makeup for your special day!

Yes, I am a makeup artist. I’ve been in this industry for nearly twelve years, with multiple different forms of experience. Throughout my journey, the most common thing I’ve seen in the wedding industry is that hair & makeup services are often times skipped (eeek!). If you’ve been contemplating the thought of forgoing a beauty team, simply for the sake of saving some dough or because your trusty makeup-savvy BFF said help you out, please think again! I’m here to break down the ins-and-outs of why you need the pros. And hopefully in the end, you’ll reconsider.

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1. Leave it to the experts. Beauty experts specialize in knowing how to apply products, when and where to apply them, and knowing which products (NOT) to use. They have a keen familiarity in skincare products and will provide you with a luxurious skin prep routine that will be perfect for your day. Makeup artists and hair stylists are familiar with brands, some you haven’t even heard of. They have first-hand access to top-of-the-line products. They possess a crazy amount of knowledge and wisdom, much of which was grasped having been in business for years.

2. You hired a professional photographer. Photo makeup is no joke, and it is not the same as everyday makeup...there’s a reason why photographers prefer that their clients have their makeup done. Not only do the correct products work well with the camera, they also make a photographer’s work come through accurately and remains true to their particular image style. Which brings me to the reason you hired them in the first place: you were drawn to that photographer’s style. In all of the images that caught your eye, I guarantee they had professional hair and makeup services done!