NEW Ambassador Program!

We are thrilled to announce to you our new members ambassador program. What is the ambassador program? Well, in a nutshell it is a referral & rewards program. We are always looking for creative ways to build our network of members and thought what better way than to enlist the networking power of our existing members.

Why are we creating this? As it stands I LOVE the current member base we have available to brides & grooms, however, there are some areas that we feel need to grow in an effort to bring our network up in an attempt to offer a full variety of professional vendors in their relative categories. This is in an effort to ensure we have a good solid base of all available options for our couples and planners to choose from!

We want our shoppers to come here and leave saying "wow I was able to pick ALL my vendors in ONE place"!

Right now we like to consider ourselves a "one stop shop" a tagline coined by one of our own Sarah Jean Photoart (thanks girly), but feel like we could absolutely have a wider net to be able to provide the best experience for our clientele.

So how does it work?