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What about the groom?

Weddings Southern Oregon

Weddings are one of the most special days of a couples life! It marks the beginning of a journey together, the start of a story, or a new chapter in your life's story. You are surrounded by so many people that love you and wish you an eternity of happiness so naturally you want everyone to enjoy this special day as much as you! So much planning goes into all the details of a wedding day and most of it is done by the bride, and her ladies. But what about the groom? This is his day too after all! Here are eight great tips for the groom to keep in mind for that special day that I include in all my welcome packets!

1) Have an Opinion This is your wedding day also after all! So get in on the planning! While we understand that you may not want to be involved in certain decisions such as the brides maids bouquet's, some of them can actually be very fun! Think of all the cake you can try if you help choose the flavors! ;) The important point is that by helping your fiancé plan

2) Don't Sweat It! We live in an area were the weather is fairly mild in comparison with some other parts of the country, but lets face it, It can get pretty darn hot around here in the summer! So When deciding what the groom and his guys will wear, take into consideration the time of year, and day as well as location for your wedding date.

3) Arrange the Attire. Once the details of the Groomsmen's attire are finalized, email your guys, filling them in on all the relevant information for the formal wear. Include the address of the location, when to show up for their fitting and when to pick up their suits/tuxes for the wedding day. Remind them when to turn in the attire in order to avoid late fees. Keep your fiancé in the loop by including her in the emails. This will show her that you've got this under control!

4) Don't Forget the Ring Bearer! Opinions on the ring bearer's attire vary. Some are not fans of the little mini tuxes, others find that little boys in them are endearing! Whatever you choose, make sure the boys are comfortable while still remaining faithful to the overall tone of your wedding. Also Encourage them to try out their attire before the wedding so they don't pull at the neck or other parts during the big day! ;)

5) Breakfast! I know, I'm going to sound like your mom right now, but you HAVE to eat your breakfast! And don't be surprised if I ask you if you did! Being a bride and groom is a busy job! You can easily forget to eat among running around trying to get last minute details settled. So, you want to set your self up for the day with enough nutrients to keep you going until the next time you can eat, and sometimes, that's not until the evening! So Trust me when I say, "Have a hearty breakfast! Filled with protein and carbs!" You'll thank me later! ;)

6) Manage Your Men. Delegate duties to your men. Help them feel involved. Entrust one of them with bringing the rings to the ceremony. Maybe a couple others can pick up the tuxes. Don't feel like you have to do it all! After all, that's what your friends are there for! To help you have a great stress free day! Take advantage of this one opportunity to have them wait on you!

7) Give Her a Break & Get Sentimental Planning a wedding can get pretty stressful! Show her you care, and appreciate all that she is doing by giving her a break. Give her a night to relax, cook her dinner, do the dishes, rent her favorite movie to watch together (even if it is a chick flick) Remind her why, wedding planning is worth the stress! On the wedding day, send her a gift, flowers and a sweet note to read while she's getting ready. Fill it with reasons why you love her and some of your favorite memories. It will be something she treasures forever!

8) Don't Be Afraid To Say No! While it is ok to have a drink or two... or even three, during your wedding day to Celebrate the occasion, or just to calm the nerves, don't get carried away. A drunken blur, or a bad hangover the next day is not the way you want to remember your wedding day. Have fun! But be sure you remember this special day you worked so hard to put together!

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