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The Best Wedding Planning!

Top 10 Tips for an AMAZING wedding day!

If your one of the lucky couples this winter that gets engaged it can be such an exciting time in your lives! Statistically, 40% of all all proposals happen between now and valentines day. So we are here to offer some advice on planning your wedding day!

I have been in the wedding industry now for over 12 years, and one thing I can say is that planning your wedding can be overwhelming at times! Knowing a good plan of action and taking and STICKING to that course is the best thing you can do to help keep you focused and reduce anxiety in this day and age of Pinterest!

1. Plan ahead!

Dont ever think it might be to early to start planning, its never to early! Its like planning the biggest party of your life, you need a lot of time for meetings, emails, to save money, to make decisions on vendors, and find the resources you really want. Most brides begin planning their wedding 9-18 months prior to your wedding date. The best laid plans I experience are in the 12-18 month planning range

2. Keep track

Find a way that works for you to stay organized and keep track of all your doing. From talking with vendors, to your style and theme, to your contracts signed. Staying organized and remembering where you left off will save your sanity

Penny and Lulu

Floral by Penny & Lulu

3. Find your style and stay true and consistent. Pinterest can be overwhelming I get it! Its overwhelming for me, there are so MANY ideas out there that are all great! But some things to think about to help you are 1. Time of year (summer or fall wedding?) what florals are in bloom and what colors go well with summer or fall. 2. Where are you getting married? Are there aspects of themes or elements that work really well with your venue or location? 3. What colors do you love? How can you make those work for you? 4. Is there a theme other than color? Country chic, floral romantic, industrial modern, boho glam, bali, farmhouse floral, garden romance, just to name a few,,,,, I can go on but think about your color and your theme in relation to your own style, your time of year, and your venue!

4. You dont have to go crazy unless you want to! Simplicity is elegant and when done correctly can speak volumes!

5. Let others take some responsibility for things to get some stuff off your plate if you dont have a planner. There are so many fine details to worry about so being able to hand off some stuff to a responsible few can save you some stress. For example, communication with the venue coordinator, or caterers. Coordination of day of set up. Who is picking up flowers or cake, who is directing the caterer where to go or the DJ to set up. Just to name a few

Calligraphy by Kelsie Malie Calligraphy

6. Dont assume being the super chill laid back bride is the best approach to a wedding day. Think about this, you might have A LOT of money and professionals invested in making your day AMAZING so being planned out and organized usually results in the best outcome, if you play your cards right when the wedding day does arrive, THEN you will be able to sit back and take it all in =)

7. Prioritize your funding and be realistic with your budget. Weddings cost ALOT, but they dont always have to. Really sit and talk about what you envision for your day and write it out, then translate that into dollar signs and see if it will work, if it does then GREAT, if it doesnt then start to prioritize things so it can work.

Cake by Mrs Cards Cakes

8. Develop a good day of timeline. Know that things may not always go to plan however, having a timeline ensures everyone knows what they need to do and when!

9. Surround yourself with positivity and love. Its so sad but true in some cases that we come across drama and negativity during the best day of your life. Get ahead of it, talk to people, set boundaries, set expectations, let people know that this is your day and it is about love, joy and celebration.

Dress from Pearl & Penna Bridal

10. Last but not least, ask your vendors, if you dont know something such as best light, how far to set you aisle, where people should stand, what type of flowers go well here, is a cocktail hour a good idea, should we serve alcohol before the ceremony etc etc etc, ANYTHING at all chances are your vendors are going to have some of the best advice with our combined experience!

I hope you enjoyed and that this offers some perspective!

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