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Say Yes to The Dress, oh and so much more!!!

So, dress shopping can be fun and difficult and we get that! One of the first things I did after I got engaged was immediately start trying on dresses, because why? It is one of the funnest parts about planning your wedding right?

But with all the choices out there is sure can be overwhelming! One of the first things to do when picking out your wedding dress is SET YOUR BUDGET! Set your budget and stick to it, DO NOT try on dresses out of your budget because get what? If you find that dream dress and it is out of your price range your going to be heart broken! Completely and utterly heart broken!

Next, make if fun! Plan to have your mom and your girls with you, bring champagne (but ask the shop first) plan to be there for at least a couple hours, take your time, talk to the experts!

ALSO THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! Pick a dress that you LOVE yourself in! Of course respect and listen to the feedback of your girls and your group, but in the end YOU have to love the way you look and feel in the dress, that is oh so important!

Lastly! Of course we are going to say this, try to shop local for your big items. Supporting small local businesses is so great for keeping a strong community and keeping our region thriving!!! We have some great resources for you online here at the wedding collective! Some local, and some are online retailers that accommodate all the needs of our local brides and grooms!

Happy Wedding Planning!!!!

Learn more about shopping local and from the wedding collective!!! We appreciate all our bride, grooms, and event planners!!!







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