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Professional makeup & hair pros to the rescue!

hair and makeup

Looking for the professionals to help you look your best for a special event, date night, work party or wedding? Well I have some of Southern Oregon's best hair and makeup professionals to choose from!

Hair and makeup is such an essential party of feeling and looking your best on any occasion, ESPECIALLY a special one.

I have witnessed in my career how makeup can make us feel more self assured and confident on that special date. A lot of our professionals you will find here on The Wedding Collective have similar stories and they want to help you look and feel your best. Wedding season is upon us, engagement pictures sessions are coming up, and dont forget that boudoir gals!!! There are lot of reasons to consider a professional makeup and hair artist for your wedding day, photoshoot, or event. Its not just for your either, maybe the men would love to have some special treatment with a beard softening treatment and hairstyle, or maybe mom and bridesmaids would love to have the same makeup treatment!

Whatever the case, be sure your up front and honest with your chosen makeup and hair professional about the look you want and what your expectations are.

Be sure to book your trial run with your makeup artist to ensure that the final result is exactly what your looking for! Also, ask your makeup artist clarifying questions to get the best results such as, "should I spray tan?", "when should I exfoliate?", "what product lines do you use?" (this is important if your know you have sensitive skin to specific products) and basically, "how should I best prepare my skin for our makeup session?"

Take a peek and click on the link below to shop our amazing makeup and hair artists! Some of our professionals are skin care gurus, so do not forget to ask about that too!!!! Have fun!!!






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