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Hey you, yes you! Did you know that we are accepting new vendors to complete our exclusive community? What makes us so unique....? Well I am not a poetic or sales tactic type of communicator so let me just be super black and white, because that is how I love my information!

Why would you consider advertising with us?

1. We are a regional community of advertisers, this is important because as a vendor you dont get lost in a huge sea of vendors that covers a vast region of the PNW. We keep it small, precise, and easy to shop our talented professionals. This means less competition and more community.

2. We are carefully building, and slowly and selectively allowing vendors to advertise. Why? Because of number 1., we dont want our shoppers to be overwhelmed by to many choices, and 2., we want to have a strong regional community dedicated to referring each other and building each other up. I have found through experience its best done in small but strong numbers.

3. This is a need. The Southern Oregon region of wedding and event professionals is under represented. For many years I have thought of developing such a platform as this one to make advertising and shopping so much more accessible and easy for both advertisers and consumers.

4. We are in talks about developing an amazing bridal show... it is slow going but it is happening! As a exclusive member, you get AMAZING bridal show pricing!!! In addition to our very own bridal show, we will be moving to print. The collective will be developing a sister print of lifestyle, wedding, and event publications dedicated strictly to local artisans and professionals. Our design and layouts will be unlike anything you have seen here. We are committed to inspiration!

5. We are building our brick and mortar. A brick and mortar available to members only for client consultations, photography, events, open houses and more! We are all in on this process as we speak and have a goal of grand opening this fall.

6. Our advertising prices are very affordable, we have month to month plans and now offer and annual payment option.....currently 100% of our earnings go towards strong digital marketing and advertising and growth! We are putting it all right back to development to ensure a strong community of professionals that feels supported.

7. We feature our vendors whenever you want via our members only blog submission page, and have an extensive email list to promote you and your company via your submission!

8. We encourage a community of referrals, collective member to collective member and are huge advocates for continuing education and personal growth!

9. We are the only exclusive wedding and event advertising company for this region, and have plans to keep growing so we are looking for people in it for the long haul in their own business and loyalty.

10. We are locally owned and operated and have been working in the event and wedding industry for over 10 years.

11. We are not just for wedding advertisers, we are for all things event and are working daily to ensure the consumers and shoppers know this!

12. Did you know that our ad spaces are as low as $15 per month? Thats right, we spend a ton in our marketing budget each month to get you out in front of planners, brides, grooms, corporate planners etc while you spend only $15 per month, that is the beauty of it.... creating a all for one community exclusive and one of its kind here in Southern Oregon, and we are not stopping here so stay tuned!

If your interested in learning how to be a part of our community click

HERE for more information!






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