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Planning the best wedding!

What does the best wedding mean? It doesnt really mean the best in terms of decor, location, flowers etc! The best means, the best possible outcome you could have. So how do you plan your best possible outcome for your wedding day? I am here to give you a little insight into creating a seamless day!

1. If your budget can allow it, hire a wedding planner. Having a wedding planner allows you the freedom to sit back and enjoy your wedding day they way you should be. Everyone may be coming to you all day long otherwise asking for help, decisions, and direction on things like where to set the ice, how many trash cans do you want, what time does the food arrive, where do they park, how do you get ahold of the DJ, what color is supposed to be on the tables for flowers, we are out of toilet paper, how do you tap a keg, uncle bob is missing, I stepped in dog poop, where are the plates and napkins, YOU CATCH MY DRIFT? Yeah it can be soooooo overwhelming and stressful on a bride if this is your wedding day. If your budget wont allow for a wedding planner consider at least hiring them for day of coordination, and if your budget wont allow for that either, then put someone in charge that knows your hearts desires in and out for your wedding day! This is so important and be sure to meet with them and discuss these things ahead of time, walk the venue with them and show them where you want things, how things should be set up, and give them a contact list of all your vendors.

2. Communicate with your vendors, I know that you may be that chill laid back bride but sometimes that can be harder on vendors than the opposite. We love working with a happy medium, creative freedom with some direction of your wishes, likes, and dislikes. Dont be afraid to lean on vendors for advice and suggestions. Most likely we have been doing weddings for so long we are happy to help any way possible.

3. Create a solid timeline, but ALWAYS give yourself wiggle room. Wedding days come with unforeseen hiccups and events so it is always best to work in time for those. Really plan out how you want your day to play out. Talk to your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, DJ etc,,,,, in most cases your wedding planner will do this for you but if you dont have one just send them a quick email asking for the photography timeline etc.... think about what you want to see happen on your day of. Are you going to do a first look? Are you going to do a reveal with your father in your dress? Are you keeping in traditional and not seeing each other until you walk down the aisle? Are you doing family photos during cocktail hour? Do you want sunset portraits? When should your hair and makeup be done to make sure you can do the things you want to do for the remaining portion of the day!

4. Walk the venue with your planner and stylist and photographer. If this is important to you, talk with them, make sure they know that you have placed a priority on photography and style OR anything that you have prioritized make sure all the right people know what they need to know. Ask for tips on how to make your aisle straight, where to stand for photos, where to reveal with your father, where the cake table should be, where the DJ booth should sit, where the bar should sit, where the ceremony light is best, how to stay organized, where to serve food etc etc, all these things are important in getting the most out of your wedding day.

5. Pick the right vendors! Your hiring professionals so ask to see full portfolios of work, and if your still unsure ask for references. Your hiring your vendors for their professionalism and style so ask them what their typical wedding day looks like with them. Pick photographers and videographers for their style and experience. Are you looking for fun and vivid, warm and mood filled, film like, artistic, journalistic, etc. Pick your makeup artists for their style and coverage and experience... be sure to ask them how long it takes to do your makeup and do a trial run, this is oh so important in keeping to a efficient and timely day. Are you a sultry full coverage kind of gal or natural kind of gal? Do you like organic products? Do you like a specific line? Ask ask ask =) Choose your planner based on personality and professionalism.... can they keep there cool on the wedding day if things kick in to high gear? Do you get along well with them? Does there style match your vision? Do they listen to you? So many important things to go over and ask but if you do your homework and plan and ask ahead of time I promise your day will be like smooth like butter!!!! Who doesn't like butter?

6. Think about how you want your wedding day to play out, take personal notes, keep a journal, keep track of your thoughts and DONT LET PINTEREST TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE =) Just kidding ..... a little bit, but really pinterest is a GREAT resource but can sometimes be overwhelming because of all the beautiful ideas out there. My best advice regarding pinterest is before you jump on find two color palettes you like first. Then start doing your pinteresting. Then once you fall in love with one palette over the other delete any and all images of the other palette and starting planning away!

7. Lastly, if you have done your homework all should go wonderful so when it comes to the wedding day sit back and relax and soak it all in. Your wedding day will FLY BY in a flash so you deserve to just be a bride and not a coordinator on your own wedding day.


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