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When should I have my wedding?


This is a common topic of discussion but it almost always seems to happen after the fact. Brides and grooms set the date for their wedding and begin planning their big day. The wedding day comes and goes and I often hear about things they wish they would have done differently after the fact, and one of the most common things is wishing they had set a different date.

Other things I often hear couples wish they would have done differently are typically to have had a first look, plan better so the day didn't feel rushed, and hire a wedding planner. These are just a few more of the most common themes of regret. But today I want to talk about just one of those, the best time of year to get married in Southern Oregon.

Planning your wedding in Southern Oregon can be tricky because of our climate and our fire season. Wedding planning is already hard enough but to try and forecast your wedding day weather takes a little research and planning! You can't always be 100% sure what the weather will do here but it is possible to have a little foresight.

I have been working in the wedding industry for almost 12 years now and in those 12 years I have seen the weather do a lot of crazy things. I got married here in June of 2006. June 24th to be exact and it was the hottest day of the year. I had always thought that a June wedding would be just perfect, and I would have the perfect wedding weather because I was a summer baby. But I was wrong, even though I did ok in the weather ( I was in my 20s and loved the sun ) my guests surely did not appreciate the heat. My son was a miserable grumpy grump, my groomsmen were dying in black suits, and my family was just not happy in 108 degree weather eating barbecue. I DID NOT do my research on weather in Southern Oregon.

I also photographed a June wedding years later that had a major downpour, one of the wettest days I had ever seen in the valley. Our bride and groom were such amazing sports and rolled with the punches. They even did their first dance in the rain which ended up being so utterly romantic, and her wedding was my first ever publication in Oregon Bride Magazine. So sometimes just rolling with the punches is all you can do and enjoy your wedding day. However I have added some fun facts and pages to explore to help you determine what time of year might be best for your dream wedding day weather!

When trying to decide on your wedding date, first start out with figuring out if you want a winter wedding, spring wedding, summer wedding or fall wedding. Once you have decided let the research begin!!!! Look at weather history, fire history, and sunset times! Sunset time is a critical component in helping you not only pick your date but plan you wedding day schedule!!!

I hope this helps get you a jump start on your wedding planning, we are here to help!!!

The data below is based on averages, we may get higher or cooler temps but they will give you a general idea of what to expect!








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